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Come Before the One You Want is GONE.

You’ll find choices for all budgets. There’s everything from basic options up to Hotel-Style Luxury Models. Get the whole place to yourself as you enjoy a one-on-one buying experience.

We’re focused on You.

Your Time.

Your Exact Needs.

It's All About YOU.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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Top U.S. Brands

We're Proud to Offer a Wide Selection of Top-Quality Mattresses from Top U.S. Manufacturers, Including:

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We get different mattresses all the time, so inventory is never the same. It’s by appointment only & everything is 1st come, 1st served. You want to schedule a time to come in to check out our mattresses before current inventory runs out.

Take home your whole purchase today for only $10 down.

     That can include the mattress, foundation, delivery, pillows, a protector, and anything else you need. Our customers LOVE this option! We work with top lenders to provide flexible payment plans that don't require a credit check. The main one we use is only $10 down, and you can bring home your new mattress Today to start enjoying comfortable, restful sleep Tonight! This can cover the mattress, foundation, delivery, and anything else you need.

     You have 4 months (120 days) with no interest, with other options up to 12 months! You'll be able to get the mattress you deserve without settling for an inferior product. Qualifying is easy as pie! Schedule an appointment, complete a quick 5-minute application, and get an instant decision!

     No Credit Needed. Get Pre Approved On Your Phone!

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Only $10 down - Bring it Home Today!
Save 50~80% vs Retail Prices!
4 Months (120 Days) No Interest!
No Credit Needed!

About Our Business.

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     We’re a small but mighty shop. No employees or set hours means minimal overhead for us and BIG SAVINGS for YOU. With over 400 independently owned and operated Mattress by Appointment locations nationwide, we leverage our national buying power to bring you Premium Mattresses at Factory Direct Prices. We purchase inventory for pennies on the dollar and pass those SAVINGS directly to YOU.

     What's the best part? We’re focused on YOU. Your time. Your exact needs. You SAVE without sacrificing quality and get UNBEATABLE value on top-quality mattresses. We’re here to meet your needs without breaking the bank. It’s All About YOU.

     Finding the perfect mattress for the perfect night's sleep has never been easier.

The shop is located at:

2220 Eastman Avenue, Suite 106, Ventura, CA 93003

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(805) 276-0085

     Schedule a private one-on-one appointment and start sleeping better tonight!

Save 50~80% Compared To Regular Retail Stores.
No Pressure Sales Environment.
Personalized Service & Expert Advice.
Top U.S. Brands.
No Credit Needed Payment Plans.

How Does All This Work?

Buying a high-quality mattress shouldn't break the bank. That's why we buy factory direct and cut out the middlemen to offer our customers unbeatable prices on top-quality mattresses. We carefully select mattresses from top U.S. brands, guaranteeing you a sleep experience that is both comfortable and reliable.

As a family-owned business without employees, we directly pass the savings to you. Plus, with our commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your investment in a good night's sleep will last for years.

How would you like to experience personalized service and expert advice? Upgrade your sleep today with Mattress by Appointment Ventura!

Buy Local. Save More. Sleep Better.
Ventura Mattress by Appointment

Come See Me Today, and Sleep on Your New Mattress Tonight!!

We’re a small but MIGHTY family shop. We keep our overhead minimal with no employees, so we’re only at the shop when meeting families.

At Mattress By Appointment Ventura, with our unique approach to mattress sales, YOU SAVE 50~80% compared to regular retail stores. Plus, with our $10 down, No Credit Needed options, you can Bring Your New Mattress Home Today!

DON’T MISS OUT. Call or text now to set an appointment before the one YOU WANT is gone with the wind. Call or text us now at

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Ventura Mattress by Appointment
2220 Eastman Ave
Suite 106
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 276-0085

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