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More Support, Replaces a Box Spring & Frame, and Offers 13” Storage Underneath!

Ultimately, the best pillow for you is the one that helps you get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling rested and comfortable to YOU.

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Multiple Options to Upgrade Your Pillow Game

Cool Gel Ice Pillows!
Latex Shoulder Pillows!
Fluffy Like a Cloud Pillows!

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Waterproof Protectors to Protect Your Investment

Keep Out Sweat, Body Oils, & Stains
Make Your Mattress Last Longer
Removable and Washable


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Shield Your Sleep: Protect Your Mattress with Our Premium Solutions

  1. Everyday we lose ABOUT 100 HAIRS.

  2. Nearly a third of PETS SLEEP on the owner’s bed.

  3. We shed 40,000 SKIN CELLS per minute.

  4. Not only do we REPRODUCE in bed, but so do MILLIONS OF DUST MITES.

  5. Due (in part) to dust mites, your mattress DOUBLES IN WEIGHT every ten years.

  6. In a month, an adult SWEATS UP TO 4 GALLONS of perspiration while sleeping.

  7. …don't forget your PILLOWS!

Remember that sleeping on a USED mattress is like borrowing someone’s dirty underwear. Gross.

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We’re a small but MIGHTY family shop. We keep our overhead minimal with no employees, so we’re only at the shop when meeting families.

At Mattress By Appointment Ventura, with our unique approach to mattress sales, YOU SAVE 50~80% compared to regular retail stores. Plus, with our $10 down, No Credit Needed options, you can Bring Your New Mattress Home Today!

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